Do You Have ‘Commonsense’?

Kumashiro defined ‘commonsense’ as being something that limits what is considered to be consistent with the purpose of schooling. He also defined ‘common sense’ as aspects of daily life that have become so routine and common place that they often go unquestioned or critiqued. If you are outside of commonsense, you are pressured to get in with it and on the same page as everyone else. Commonsense doesn’t tell us the things that schools could be doing, but rather just tells us what they should be doing. One quote that stuck out to me was “it is just commonsense that we do this.” This doesn’t tell us anything though. It doesn’t help us improve anything that we are doing, just that we are doing it wrong. Using our commonsense is what forms bias and privilege for some, but not for others. It is completely unpredictable on how it will change.


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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