The Ways of the Tyler Rationale

When thinking about the tyler rationale, it was always a part of my life growing up and still is but I never really noticed it. The Tyler rationale is still very much a part of our school system and probably will be for many years to come. We know the Tyler rationale is there and part of us expects to be there but we don’t always notice how much it is present in the education system.

A huge downfall with the tyler rationale was the fact that it viewed students as a ‘product’. Children were to go through school and to be tested to make sure that they met the mark to be passed as a finished ‘product’. It creates cookie cutter children that need to fit perfectly to be able to move on. This leaves no room for creativity in students. If you don’t do it to the book and pass all the needed tests then you failed. There was no wiggle room. This also plays a role on the traditional creativity of students. A student might be not be able to read and write at the level that is expected might have many more traditional school senses that they are able to do but the testing of the tyler rationale doesn’t recognize these skills.

As a future educator I can also see why the tyler rationale is still in use. There is a lot of pressure as an educator to get through the curriculum and teach all of the stated outcomes and the testing of the tyler rationale helps greatly with this. If we have one test that we can use for all of our students and then use those results to compare the levels of our students to the levels of other students from all around.


Author: loganschmidt4

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