Who the heck is Feedly?

When chosing an RSS Reader, I decided to go with Feedly (It had a catchy name). When I first downloaded it and logged in, I was a bit overwhelmed, I mean who knew the internet had more than just Google to find information on!? But sure enough, after playing around for a while, I realized that it was actually very easy to navigate and even allowed me to look at many articles at the same time which made it nice and easy to compare the content of them. I was able to search multiple topics that interested me, but of course the one topic that I chose first was elementary education. This brought up multiple articles on all kinds of information and more blogs then I would know what to do with! One blog was flat out called “100+ Great Google Classroom Resources” and they weren’t lying, it was great! It was a never ending list of all different types of applications you can download and use as a teacher to help you teach and to help engage the students more in your lessons. In the future when I use Feedly I will definitely narrow my search down a bit but just exploring some of the blogs that came up and all of the resources that they had to offer was pretty cool to see! As a future educator I would definitely recommend Feedly to anyone, and for more reasons than the cool name that it comes with!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.55.19 PM.png


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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