Who are the ‘Good’ Students?

Common sense talks about the ‘good’ students in our classrooms, but who are our ‘good’ students? A good student achieves at least an 80% or higher, the speak only when spoken to, they always say the right things, they sit quietly without fidgeting, they never question or critique the teacher, a ‘good’ student always abides by the teachers rules.

If those are what makes up a good student, does that mean that the students who don’t meet all of those guidelines are ‘bad’ students? With all of these expectations that we believe make up a ‘good’ student makes it hard for our students to actually learn. When children try this to follow all of thee guidelines and tribe to be a ‘good’ student it can affect their work and their actual education performance. We view the children who are able to follow all of these ‘good’ student guidelines and meet the 80% level as privileged. They are the total package and we want all of students to be like that and to be able to do that.

In saying this, what does this mean for the children who don’t meet every guideline? What about the ‘bad’ students? Do we give up on them? Why would we worry about the students that don’t meet our guidelines when we have so many other students who do? Not everyone is going to fit into this cookie cutter formation no matter how bad we want them to and as educators we can’t expect them to.


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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