So Tweet Me Maybe?

I like almost everyone else my age joined the trend and hopped on the Twitter train in high school. Never did much on there and usually only found myself logging on maybe once a month. It was just never really my thing until I joined the ECMP 355 class and had no choice but to join the Twitter trend. However, this time it was from a new aspect, I wasn’t logging on to high school me or university me, but I was now logging on to educator me, the “me” of the future! With a slight Re-vamp of the ole twitter feed I found myself following people whose posts I actually wanted to read and wanted to re-tweet. One page in particular is the @WeAreTeachers page. This page offers all different types of goodies to fellow educators. They post free teacher giveaways, links to helpful resources, they even post links that offer fundraising ideas. It is overall a very beneficial page for any teacher to follow. As a student I follow many educational pages, but I myself hesitate to post anything. I mean I’m a second year education student what could I possibly know about helpful resources or the do’s and don’ts of teaching a lesson when I haven’t even reached my pre-internship yet? I am still getting a grasp on this whole Twitter thing but hopefully by the end of my degree I will have opened up to many different educators around the world that I will be able to share my knowledge with!


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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