Who is our Curriculum?

When most people (the old me included) think about the curriculum they usually just think teachers and school. They know there is a curriculum and they know that the teachers are the ones who teach it and that’s all. However, many don’t realize that the curriculum actually goes much deeper than teachers and schools. When thinking about curriculum, we have to go as deep as the government, the ministry of education, the school boards and etc. There are so many people of higher power that have say in our education and the curriculum that we teach even though they haven’t stepped foot in a classroom since they left school themselves. Sure there are a few teachers who have some say on the curriculum but there are many more who know nothing about education.

This could easily put teachers in a crunch. They have this full curriculum in front of them that they have to get through in order to succeed as an educator. It’s a pretty intimidating thing to think about and can daily discourage teachers. We educators need to see the curriculum as an opportunity, as a set of guidelines that we should stay between. It is not a set in stone piece of work that we have to follow. There are so many opportunities for teachers to add their own touch to certain outcomes. We have the power to work with and better the curriculum based on our students needs.

We might not feel that we have much say as educators when it comes to the curriculum, but there are many ways to get more involved. We can join the board so that we have the opportunity to have our voice heard and our ideas shared. We can revise and re work the curriculum and the indicators as much as we need to suite our students every year. There are ways we can work to better the curriculum it just takes a little more work.


Author: loganschmidt4

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