Getting the hang of this!

I decided to add a few more moves into the mix of things! Don’t mind my video taper Lacey Bauche, she tends to find humour in my struggles! I still struggle with getting things to flow the right way and being able to transfer from one pose to another is shakey but I remember how I felt when I first tried (I chose not to post those videos, you’re welcome!) and I look a lot better now then a did when doing those! One of my poses from this week was a repeat of last week, but it’s because I had my feet positioned wrong last week so I wanted to make sure I was correcting my mistakes and doing the poses the right way to get the full benefits from it! Also, one last point to leave off with, I really questioned posting the cat and cow video (the second one), because I know how crazy and weird I look!


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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