The Downside to Being a ‘Good’ Teacher

There might not be any set in stone definition of a good teacher and there probably never will be. There are however many stereotypes to go with being a teacher but they aren’t always beneficial. I see myself as a ‘good’ teacher. I am a white catholic female and those are all stereotypes that go with the ‘good’ teacher vibe. This worries me though because it might push me over the line of being a ‘white savior’ and that is not something I want to become as an educator. All educators want to better their students, that why they become educators, but it is just as important that we remember to constantly try and better ourselves and I think this is something that gets forgotten as the years go on. We are going to find many things that benefit for us as teachers and we are going to continue to use and do those things but how long until they no longer benefit us and these things then become something that simply just works for us?

Another large aspect that makes a good teacher is the passing on of our biases and beliefs. We as educators aren’t supposed to have bias, especially with the large increase in immigration rates. They make to curriculum anti-bias and we educators are supposed to make our minds anti-bias, this is much easier said then done. It’s only human, you grow up your whole life being taught and practicing your beliefs with your family and some might even continue to do this at home with their new families it’s a way of life. But as educators we are expected to leave this biases and beliefs at home and be completely open and agreeing with our students and their beliefs. This is a challenge for everyone but I do believe this is a strong aspect of being a ‘good’ teacher.

When it comes to the hidden curriculum, we all know it’s there and it can be hard to find the time to discuss it. If we keep it on our mind, it becomes easier to pull from throughout our day and we are able to shine light on it as best we can and as often as we can.


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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