Reinhabitation and Decolonization

We see reinhabitation and decolonization throughout the reading by speaking Cree language, sharing knowledge, creating a connection to the land, and by the gathering of the community. What really caught my eye from this text was the word community. I truly believe that community is crucial for our children to learn and especially at a young age. Being apart of community that you can trust and talk to makes life so much easier to get through. It will give you a sense of belonging and help make you a better person. Some might question how you teach community to children, but even simple things like taking your students for a walk through the community to observe different actions and traits that they see as a community will help give them an understanding. Or having a elder come in and speak to the class about community would be very beneficial in not only learning about our community but it also gets our students engaged and involved with our elders which will help them build those key relationships that they will find very beneficial as they grow older.


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