Where Are Your Contributions Going?

Breast cancer is an illness that thousands of people know about and learn about each and every year. As a teenager, the Keep a Breast foundation decided they were going to take promoting the illness to the next level and came out with the ‘Boobies’ line. This consisted of bracelets, hats and clothing objects that had some pretty aggressive slogans relating to breasts such as “I love boobies”, “motor boating” “I like butts, but boobies rule” and so on. This was a pretty big leap to take considering it could easily cause a lot of controversy but they went for it and sure enough it was a hit especially with teenagers and young adults. To me, this probably raised millions of dollars for breast cancer awareness to help find a cure, but did it really raise awareness? I bought several of these items and probably still have them kicking around somewhere, but looking back now I am not sure exactly how aware I really was about breast cancer. I was really just buying them because they were trending and everyone else in my class had them.

Looking through Facebook now, you see a lot more women coming out of their shells and telling people the real raw story about their journeys with breast cancer and how they faced it head on. In my eyes, this might not be raising a bunch of money for breast cancer awareness but it has made me much more aware of this illness and how it affects people and their families. Online activism is huge these days especially when you want to raise awareness about something. It would be ideal to find a medium where you are both raising money and creating awareness but these women shared their stories free willingly with the world and showed everyone how devastating breast cancer really is and what it does to a woman. Because of that I am much more aware then buying a bracelet in the store because it had a funny slogan written on it. We need to take full advantage of online activism because it will travel across the world faster then any other form of communication.I heart boobiea.jpg



Author: loganschmidt4

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