Are you ‘Basic’?

This is probably harder for some to answer then others, but what type of teacher are you going to be? Growing up, I remember the majority of my classes consisted of sitting in class doing our work and if we had the time or were good, sometime we would be allowed to watch a part of a movie in class. At that age, it was the best thing the teacher could let us do. Now looking at the elementary classes that I have been lucky enough to intern in, they would rarely go a day without using a laptop or an I-Pad and there wasn’t a classroom that I had been in that didn’t have a Smartboard on the wall. I however had the opportunity to go into the K, 1,2 classroom back home (yes, 3 grades per teacher!) and she was the same teacher that taught my kindergarten and sadly she had hardly changed. The school had all of the electronic resources you could wish for that would make learning much more hands on for students and much more interesting for them to do but she enjoyed her old ways of teaching and so her old ways was what she continued to do. This to me is an example of a basic teacher.

Another changing life event besides technology that teachers need to keep up to date with is the vast incline of immigrants coming into our country. It is important that we need only make our immigrant students feel welcome, but also at home. This is crucial and can be very beneficial to their learning. If we have immigrant students joining our classrooms but doing nothing to accommodate their needs and learning styles then we aren’t going to see any improvement in their learning. I feel this has happened lots recently in the education system, where we seeing teachers failing these immigrant students because they apparently don’t know anything, but the teachers just expected them to join in at the level they were at and succeed like the rest of the students.

As educators it is important that we stay on top of things, whether that’s tweaking our lessons plans every year to benefit our class better, staying up to date with the newest technology and useful tools or doing some homework of our own to get to know more about our immigrant students backgrounds, we need to keep up to date and keep our brains sharp. It is easy to find something that works and stick with it for many years, but that’s not always beneficial.


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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