Making my Friend Group A Little Larger; Welcome Technology!

I grew up with technology. When I was 5 we got our first desktop computer and a bunch of CD-ROM games to go with it and it was the best thing since sliced bread. From that day forward I thought I was pretty up to date with electronics and we would usually get the newest I-pod or gaming systems for holidays like Christmas and our birthdays. Even now, I have the newest I-phone and one of the newer I-pads and a MacBook, so in my eyes I am pretty up to date with technology. Now being over half way through our #ecmp355 class, I have learnt that I am oh so very wrong. I might have all the gadgets that go with technology but I have no idea how to actually work them and use them to my advantage! Even watching the #ecmp455 lessons at the beginning of our classes has given me so many ideas of what I will be able to explore with as a teacher. We never used anything like this growing up. I remember being in grade 7 and our school had got these census remotes that we could use to answer the questions posted electronically and I thought they were the coolest things ever and our teacher was sure to express how expensive they were so we wouldn’t fool around with them. That was 7 years ago and now we have websites such as Kahoot that are completely free to use and super easy to navigate. Depending on what grade you are teaching and your school’s rules on cell phones, if they are older and able to, students can use their cell phones to play or for the schools that have more access to technology you could even get children to participate with I-pads.

There are still some things that I struggle with when it comes to technology such as Twitter and a Google + community. I struggle with these ones because I am more of a writer then an explorer if that makes sense to anyone! I enjoy blogging (never did before this class) because I am free to express myself and when writing a blog I am able to just type. No word cap, no hash tags, no need to know what’s trending! This is much more enjoyable for me to do. I am also usually about a year behind with what’s trending whether it’s the new hashtag on Twitter or what’s hanging in my closet, I am not exactly a trend setter, I could however maybe bring some of trends back? I maybe haven’t completely fell in love with every website we have viewed and worked with in ecmp but to me that’s ok because I have learned and enjoyed using many more websites then the ones that I haven’t and that’s a win! I also became a blogger, which is pretty cool as well!Blog Meme.jpg


Author: loganschmidt4

4th year education student Caffeine obsessed Living life to the fullest

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