The Addiction Behind Amanda Todd’s Story

During my online #ecmp355 class last night we were given the incredible opportunity to be able to video chat with Carol Todd, the amazing mother of the late Amanda Todd. As we were sitting in class going over a few things before Carol joined us, I was trying to imagine what this video chat was going to be like, I wanted to be able to prepare myself for such a strong topic. However, no matter how long I sat here and prepared for this video chat, I never would have even been close to how things actually went. Most people (myself included) would expect a lot of anger from Carol due to what actually happened to her daughter and the lack of support she received from the RCMP after reaching out to them so many times. I mean, who wouldn’t be angry? This was not the case at all, Carol has taken the situation that she has been put in and used it to better others. She speaks out to others about what they can do to prevent being in the same situation Amanda found herself in. She listens to others stories and does her best to help them through their situations, versus them resorting to going online and chatting with a complete stranger.

One point that Carol really hit head on was when she had shared that when a child turns 16, we don’t just give them keys to a car and tell them to go out and drive it. We teach them all the things they need to know first and then gradually get them driving safely. However, whats so different about giving them a cellphone or a laptop? If children are taught to to safely use the internet then they are going to just jump in and do what other people are doing. This is key for people to remember because internet safety is just as important as road safety and sadly, I don’t think everyone sees that.


Author: loganschmidt4

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