The Code has Flowed Right On Through!

Well, lets just start things off by saying the Hour of Code took me much more than an hour to get through! I picked the frozen themed hour of code mainly because I believed that because it’s frozen themed it must be easy, well I was wrong. I made it through to level 6 pretty easily but I struggled for a solid 10 minutes trying to get through level 6. I think that coding is definitely something that needs to be taught to children in schools. It is such a helpful tool that literally takes an hour for children to learn and complete. I can see when thinking about it some teachers might see how this is a waste of time, especially if they never experienced coding in school. However, these websites that teach children how to code teaches many other useful skills, other than learning how to code. The children are required to read the next steps and brainstorm what to do, it is also very helpful with teaching children about angles the different degrees of angles. I might be a university student, but never got a chance to play around with coding as a child and it was definitely a awesome experience and would recommend taking a few hours out of the year to teach this to your students and let them play around with it!



Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.28.00 PM.png


Author: loganschmidt4

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