I Have Released my Inner Yoga!

Well, still not a pro, but much better than the beginning! I have gone on to my fifth week of yoga and it has really made a difference in my life. In the beginning I won’t lie, I didn’t feel much of anything but I have learnt that it is very important to focus on your breathing throughout it all and so that’s what I have been doing and it feels wonderful! I never wanted to attend yoga classes before because I felt that I would be under experienced compared to the rest of the class but I am happy to say that earlier this week I attended my first yoga class and it was ‘hot’ yoga so the room was at 38 degrees and completely lite by candles. We did all of the moves that I have taught myself and I had a little hands on critiquing but I was not the least experienced one in the room and that really made me proud of my accomplishments. I also learnt a few new moves that flowed nicely in sequence with the rest. I wish I could have videotaped my class cause I moved so much nicer in there with the right mood and the warmth then I have been in my kitchen! I would highly suggest learning yoga to anyone, and be sure to record your journey so you can see your progress!

ECMP355 Learning Project Pic Blog 5


Some More Sick Moves!

Not too much to say about this weeks portion. I have tried quite a few moves now and so this week I decided to try one for fun! The first video is of me doing a position called ‘8 points’ meaning that I have my eight main points of my body resting on my mat. I maybe wasn’t doing this one right since it can be challenging to watch a video and do the pose at the same time, but I didn’t really feel to good and relaxed during this one, felt more awkward and worm like!

ECMP355 Learning Project Pic Blog 4

Getting the hang of this!

I decided to add a few more moves into the mix of things! Don’t mind my video taper Lacey Bauche, she tends to find humour in my struggles! I still struggle with getting things to flow the right way and being able to transfer from one pose to another is shakey but I remember how I felt when I first tried (I chose not to post those videos, you’re welcome!) and I look a lot better now then a did when doing those! One of my poses from this week was a repeat of last week, but it’s because I had my feet positioned wrong last week so I wanted to make sure I was correcting my mistakes and doing the poses the right way to get the full benefits from it! Also, one last point to leave off with, I really questioned posting the cat and cow video (the second one), because I know how crazy and weird I look!

Yoga is my forté!

I should give fair warning to all of you, I am no yoga expert, that’s for sure! So don’t worry, I won’t be offering and classes or trying to give anyone any advice because I am not very good! I do however really enjoy it! I did a few basic moves today just to learn some of the more common ones, and I think it went quite well actually.When looking up yoga moves and poses the amount that came up blew me away! There are hundreds of different moves and sequences out there, I didn’t even look at half of them cause combining my height with those movements is not going to be pretty and I feel might end pretty bad! Here is day 1!

Learning Project

Well, I have chosen to of my learning project on yoga. Yoga is always something I have wanted to try but have never found the time to do. Well, here’s my time to shine! It took me a while to find some helpful websites but after a little hard looking, I dug some up and they were very helpful with walking me through the whole thing. Videos are much more helpful than websites! For sites I wouldn’t suggest using, “How to Do Yoga for Absolute Beginners: 10 Steps” and “How to Start a Yoga Practice”. They are era;y hard to follow when trying to do the poses and kind a pain in the butt to have to keep clicking play and scrolling through.